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Mira Calix’s portal will serve as a hub, a curated space, a confluence of the various strands of Calix’s artistic life. The portal launches with three distinct areas – Music/Conversation/Materials.

The space will unfold with Mira adding not only more music but also artwork and ‘duets’: conversations with colleagues and collaborators.

Music and sound have always been at the centre of Calix’s practice, which she continues to integrate with visual media and technological innovation to create multi-disciplinary installations and performance works. She was inspired to create the portal upon realising that this, too, was a new environment in which to house creative work – a kind of virtual gallery. With contributions from artists and others who work in other media, be it text, film, music or theatre. Calix views her portal as a place to share the diverse nature of her practice in a new space on equal terms and in many forms.

These ‘releases’ will occur irregularly, along with exclusive assets for those who subscribe to the mailing list.

‘The portal seems really appealing as a new space to share my work and those of people admire. I’ve been fascinated over the last decade by objectifying sound, with the song as a place and the challenge of building environments. I couldn’t think of anything I wanted to do in the traditional stereo, album format. Most of my output has been installations, with multiple speaker systems. I’ve been concentrating in all the sculptural qualities sound has to offer, perhaps peaking at 180 in Sydney last year with Inside There Falls.’

A lot of my work last eight to fifteen minutes, and it occurred to me that digital portal allows me to release standalone, longer pieces of music without forcing them into traditional formats. Digital gives me the freedom and the opportunity to build a new environment, one where discourse, visual art, text and music can sit side by side with intimacy and immediacy.’

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