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ode to the future
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June 6, 2018

ode to the future

written and produced by Mira Calix 2018

Instrumentation: Mira Calix - electronics/Daniel Pioro - Violin/Eloisa Fleur - Violin /Oliver Wilson -Viola/Clare O'Connell - Cello/ Kathryn Thomas - Flute/ Stuart King - Clarinet Bflat and bass/Sam Wilson - Percussion

Duration: 7.18

published by Mute Song

In 2018, Merck is celebrating its 350th anniversary. The theme of their celebration is “Always curious - Imagine the next 350 years.” This winter i took up their challenge and collaborated with 6 human beings in utero. Working with sonographer Rick Miles, i went about scanning the participants who ranged from 13 to 32 weeks gestation. This was followed by a process of sonifiying the data we collected, using the human movement to generate sound within a given set of parameters. Based on this material, I composed two pieces of music for an ensemble of classical musicians. 16 weeks - also available for free download on the poratal and this piece. Ode to the Future, is based on melodies generated by all the participants. Here i composed freely, taking inspiration from not only the data but the experience of the collaborative process, the privilege i was afforded by the generosity of the parents involved and the experience of working with such a great team of musicians and scientists. Along with the compositions i wanted to visualise my process: (ultra) sound - picture - data - music - picture. i created a sound and light sculpture, one that can be performed, inspired by the ripple tanks of my school days. The first time i remember 'seeing' sound. The acrylic, glass and light sculpture, is filled with water, becoming an instrument for gestural waveform play.

ode to the future - making of

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    ode to the future

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